Freedom by Jonathan Franzen is on the surface just a story about an ordinary family; a man and a woman fall in love in college, they move to their suburb home, have two children and build a career and a life. Of course, it’s much, much more than that.
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Telling a story from the other perspective

I love reading a well-known story, such a classic myth or fairy tale, but told from a new perspective. When I was a kid I remember reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears told from the perspective the bears – can you imagine preparing for such a picky house guest? Reading these kinds of tales allows you to imagine different sides, and remember that every situation has different dimensions.

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Book Review: Raj Quartet

The Raj Quartet is a series of four books that is a fascinating look at India before and after independence from Britain.

Paul Scott does a great job of weaving a plot into the complexities between the military, government, and the ordinary people who are affected by the British raj. The novels all center around an alleged case of rape between an Indian man who grew up in England, Harry Coomer (AKA Hari Kumar), and a British woman. It is not a simple case however, and the decisions made by the police and leaders at the time, specifically Ronald Merrick, are the dilemma many characters have to face.

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