Stoic quote of the week: Conviction, courage and confidence

I spin at 6:30 in the morning a couple times a week, and it’s a tough slog. It requires pre-planning the night before, waking up in the dark and cold, getting past the fatigue, and after class I’m pressured to hustle to work. Lately it’s been hard to convince myself to do it.

One of my spin instructors often says: all you need is to show up and have conviction, courage and confidence! The rest will come.

So true, and today it was reinforced for me with this quote:

For the only safe harbour in this life’s tossing, troubled sea is to refuse to be bothered about the future will bring and to stand ready and confident, squaring the breast to take without skulking or flinching whatever fortune hurls at us.

Letters from a Stoic by Seneca